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Interoperability Verification Testing

(IVT) offered under the program is designed to allow Solution Partners to demonstrate the interoperability of their products (application software and/or hardware) with Cisco technologies. View this diagram to understand the IVT process.

IVT varies by technology. To learn more about IVT for a particular technology, please refer to the respective Developer Center.

Benefits of Testing

By demonstrating interoperability through IVT, partners may promote products and technologies as "Cisco Compatible" according to the applicable logo guidelines referenced in Section III, item 4 above and the license terms and conditions of the Solution Partner agreement.Customers faced with a choice between tested and un-tested products may prefer the product that has gone through IVT. Customers also may be reassured by knowing that your technologies have been pretested, reducing integration costs, accelerating deployments and reducing risk of failure. Often Cisco IVT is a prerequisite for customers to consider the solution.

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Testing Requirement

Solution Partners must have a minimum of one solution that has successfully passed IVT testing on a current Cisco technology to participate at the Preferred Solution Partner tier level. See technology center details for program specific testing criteria and re-testing requirements.

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Testing participation requires a Solution Partner Program membership, a registered product and a Compatibility Test Request. Test requests are submitted via the Partner Dashboard, under the Compatibility Testing tab. Select "New Compatibility Test Request" and choose an eligible Solution along with an approved Cisco Product.

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Partners may be required to complete a statement of work and are responsible for all fees associated with the testing. Partners may also be required to ship equipment for proprietary HW solutions, assist with product configuration and provide onsite or on call support for testing execution.

The fees are program dependent and range from US $1,000.00 - $25,000.00. Fees are generally tied to the complexity of the lab and integration. See specific technology center Testing page for details.

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