Frequently Asked Questions

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+ JOINING: How do I join the Solution Partner Program?

You can join the Solution Partner Program by starting on our Join Now page. There are several steps that will need to be completed, which involves obtaining a Cisco ID, registering your company via Cisco Partner Registration, and then submitting a solution for Cisco's review.

Registration Flow Diagram

+ REGISTERING: I am having issues registering for the Solution Partner Program. What do I do?
Unfortunately, the Solution Partner Program does not support Cisco’s Partner Registration. Please contact their Support team via the ‘Resources’ link on the Partner Registration site.

+ ERROR MESSAGE: I am receiving an "Access Denied" error message when I try to add a solution. What do I do?
Your company must be registered for the Solution Partner Program in Cisco's Partner Registration AND you must be aligned with your company via the Partner Self-Service (PSS) tool in order to be granted access to the Partner Dashboard.

Please note: If your company has recently been registered with the Solution Partner Program or you have recently been added as a contact in PSS, you will have to log out and then log back in for the changes to take into effect.

+ SOLUTION APPROVAL: My solution is still in "Pending Cisco Approval" status. When will it be approved?
Solutions are reviewed by the Business Unit Partner Managers of each Cisco product that your solution is aligned with. Reviews can take up to 72 hrs to be completed. If your solution was submitted more than 72 hrs ago, please open a case to the Solution Partner Program Support Team to have the solution escalated to the proper Business Unit Partner Manager(s).

+ MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT: How can I pay the Solution Partner Program membership fee or renew my account?
Log into your Partner Dashboard. You will see a "Pay Fee" link that will direct you to our payment site. You can pay the membership fee via Credit card or you can request a quote to initiate payment by Purchase Order.

Please note: It may take 24-48 hrs for your payment to reflect on your Dashboard.

+ MANAGING CONTACTS: How can I add or edit contacts to my Solution Partner Program account?
Company contacts are managed through the Partner Self-Service (PSS) tool.

After the contact has been added to the company in PSS, they will be added to your list of contacts after their first login to the Partner Dashboard.

Please view our PSS Contact Management Guide for further assistance.

+ MARKETPLACE: What can I do to ensure that my Company and Solution(s) appear in the Technology Solutions Catalog?
In order for your company to appear on the Technology Solutions Catalog, you must publish at least one of your solutions. You can complete this on the Solutions tab of the Partner Dashboard and click “Publish Solution” to initiate solution publishing. Once invoked, it may take up to 72 hrs. for the listing to appear on the Marketplace.

+ UPGRADE TO PREFERRED PARTNER: How can I upgrade to a Preferred Partner?
There are several requirements that must be met through the program before your account is eligible to upgrade to a Preferred Partner. These requirements are:
  1. Cisco Compatible solution - A solution must go through Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) to obtain the Cisco Compatible tag.
  2. Marketplace Presence - An approved solution that has been published to the Marketplace.
  3. 24x7 Support attached to your solution.
If your account meets all of these requirements, the action button for “Upgrade to Preferred Solution Partner” should be unlocked on the Partner Dashboard.

+ SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS: How can I download software as part of my Solution Partner Program entitlement?
The Solution Partner Program no longer utilizes contract numbers to obtain downloads. However, we are also temporarily experiencing some access issues with this entitlement. In the meanwhile, anytime a Partner needs a software download, please submit a ticket with the software name(s) and version(s) to the Solution Partner Program Support Team.

+ NOT-FOR-RESALE (NFR): How can I obtain software or hardware for lab or testing purposes at a discounted price?
As it pertains to the Solution Partner Program, there are very particular steps that must be followed when submitting for the discount through the NFR program. Unfortunately, our team doesn’t support Not-for-Resale (NFR) nor do we have any visibility into the system. NFR is supported by a global support team. If you have any other questions or issues along the way regarding NFR, please contact the Global Support team that supports NFR via the CCW Tool.

+ PLATFORM READY DESIGNATION: How do I know if my solution is eligible for the "Platform Ready" designation?
To apply for the "Platform Ready" designation, your solution must be approved with an eligible product in the Unified Computing technology group, as shown in the table below.

If your solution is aligned to one of these products, you should see an "Apply for Platform Ready" option on the Solutions tab. For more information and detailed steps on how to apply, please view the Solution Designations User Guide.

+ CO-RESIDENT DESIGNATION: How do I know if my solution is eligible for the "Co-Resident" designation?

To apply for the Co-Residency designation, your solution must:

    1. Be approved with an eligible product in the Collaboration technology group (as shown below).

    2. Complete Compatibility Testing with the eligible Cisco product.

If your solution meets these requirements, you should see an "Apply for Co-Residency" option on the Solutions tab. For more information and detailed steps on how to apply, please view the Solution Designations User Guide.

If you have any questions or issues that are not addressed above or need to open a case to our team, please contact the Solution Partner Program Support Team through our case support system via the button below.

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