Shark Tank Presentations from Cisco Live Partner Connections Event

These independent software vendors (ISVs) integrated Cisco technology into channel-ready solutions that can dramatically transform your business. Watch "Shark Tank"-style presentations at the Cisco Live Partner Connections event and see how.

The Librestream Solution

This 2016 video shows how the Librestream remote collaboration solution can help connect people and things in the factory or field.

Solutions from Phunware

This 2016 video talks about Phunware mobile solutions, including wayfinding and navigation apps, backed by Cisco investments.

MobileIron’s Mobility Solutions

This 2016 video shows how MobileIron is working to improve the customer and workforce experiences while keeping data secure.

Singlewire's Notification System

This 2016 video shows how you can protect employees by using the innovative emergency and mass notification system from Singlewire.