User—Sign Out of Finesse

This API allows a user to sign out of Finesse.



Example URI:

Security Constraints:

Agents and supervisors can use this API.

Users can only act on their own User objects.

HTTP Method:


Content Type:


Input/Output Format:


HTTP Request:


Request Parameters:

id (required): The ID of the user

state (required): The new state that the user wants to be in (LOGOUT)

HTTP Response:

202: Success

400: Bad Request (for example, malformed or incomplete request, invalid extension)

401: Unauthorized (for example, the user is not authenticated in the Web Session)

404: Not Found (for example, the user ID is not known)

503: Service Unavailable (for example, the Notification Service is not running)

Example Failure Response:

          <ErrorType>Invalid Input</ErrorType>
          <ErrorMessage>Invalid State specified for user</ErrorMessage>

Notifications Triggered:

User notification