User—Sign In as a Mobile Agent

The User—Sign in as a mobile agent API allows a user to sign in to the CTI server as a mobile agent. This API uses the existing User object with a LOGIN state only. The user must be authenticated to use this API successfully.

If five consecutive sign-ins fail due to an incorrect password, Finesse blocks access to the user account for a period of 5 minutes.


Additional configuration is required on Unified CCE and Unified Communications Manager before a mobile agent can sign in. After using this API, you may need to perform additional steps to complete the sign-in. For more information, see the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Features Guide .

Cisco Unified Mobile Agent (Unified MA) enables an agent using an PSTN phone and a broadband VPN connection (for agent desktop communications) to function just like a Unified CCE agent.



Example URI:

Security Constraints:

Users can only act on their own User objects.

HTTP Method:


Content Type:


Input/Output Format:


HTTP Request:


Request Parameters:

id (required): The ID of the user

state (required): The new state that the user wants to be in (for this API, the state must be set to LOGIN)

extension (required): The extension with which to sign in the user

mobileAgent (required): Indicates that the user is a mobile agent

mode (required): The connection mode for the call

dialNumber (required): The phone number that the system calls to connect with the mobile agent

HTTP Response:

202: Success

This response only indicates the successful completion of the request. The request is processed and the actual response is sent as part of a User notification.

400: Invalid Input (for example, the mode provided is invalid)

400: Parameter Missing (for example the mode or dialNumber was not provided)

400: Generic Error

401: Unauthorized (for example, the user is not authenticated in the Web Session)

401: Invalid User Authorization Specified (an authenticated user tried to make a request for another user)

404: User Not Found (for example, the agent is not recognized)

Example Failure Response:

    <ErrorType>Invalid Authorization User Specified</ErrorType>
    <ErrorMessage>The user specified in the authentication
     credentials and the uri don't match</ErrorMessage>

Notifications Triggered:

User notification

Asynchronous Errors


When accessing the Finesse REST API through the Finesse JavaScript library, asynchronous errors have a status code of 400. When receiving the asynchronous error directly through XMPP, the error message has the format described in "Dialog CTI Error Notification."

ErrorType Reason Deployment Type

Mode Not Allowed

Attempt to sign in an agent as a mobile agent when that agent is not configured as a mobile agent.

Unified CCE

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