Queue—Get Queue

This API allows a user to get a Queue object. Use this API to access statistics for a queue that is assigned to agents or supervisors.

If you use this API to get a queue that is not assigned to any users, the response contains a value of -1 for numeric statistics and is empty for string statistics.



Example URI:


Security Constraints:

Any user can use this API to retrieve information about a specific queue. The user does not need to belong to that queue.

HTTP Method:


Content Type:


Input/Output Format:


HTTP Request:

HTTP Response:

200: Success

401: Authorization Failure

404: Not Found

500: Internal Server Error

Example Response:


Example Failure Response:

          <ErrorType>Authorization Failure</ErrorType>

Platform-Based API Differences

The following statistics fields are updated only for a stand-alone Finesse deployment with Unified CCE:

In a coresident Finesse deployment with Unified CCX, these fields are not updated and the value for each field is -1.