User—Get Wrap-Up Reason

This API allows a user to get a WrapUpReason object.

For more information about the WrapUpReason object, see WrapUpReason.



Example URI:

Security Constraints:

Administrators, agents, and supervisors can use this API.

To get a wrap-up reason, a user must be signed in, or provide valid authorization credentials when challenged.

Only an administrator can get another user's wrap-up reasons.

HTTP Method:


Content Type:


Input/Output Format:


HTTP Request:

HTTP Response:

200: Success

400: Bad Request (the request body is invalid)

400: Finesse API Error (for example, the object does not exist, the object is stale, or violation of DB constraint)

401: Authorization Failure

401: Invalid Authorization User Specified

404: Not Found (for example, the wrap-up reason does not exist or has been deleted)

500: Internal Server Error

Example Response:

   <label>Product Question</label>

Example Failure Response:

    <ErrorType>Authorization Failure</ErrorType>