Shared Labs

The Cisco Sandbox shared lab facilities are designed for basic collaboration testing.  These facilities include preconfigured Unified Communications labs, used by developers and partners who wish to simply register an endpoint, or test IM, Presence or voicemail functionalities.

Once access is granted, VPN log-in information, test users and directory numbers are provisioned.  All these details are included in an access confirmation email.

The environment can host many partners and developers.  No Admin access is provided to the background servers.

Figure 1: Shared Sandbox UC Environment – example for Shared Endpoint/Jabber Sandbox

Example for Jabber Shared UC Sandbox environment

Types of Shared Lab

Currently there are two primary shared labs.  The choice for which lab to access will depend on the area of collaboration integration focus.  Access to the shared labs is currently managed by the respective collaboration area testing teams.

The shared labs include:

Shared Cius Testing Lab

This lab (also known as the Enhanced Cius Lab) is used by developers wishing to register and test endpoints such as the Cisco Cius mobile collaboration tablet.  As an example, using the on-board Anyconnect VPN, Cius users can quickly connect to the Sandbox, make calls, use IM and presence, and download up to date firmware for the device.

This lab includes Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Presence Server and an Active Directory and DNS Server

Remote users can access registration and presence services but no rights are provided to change any configuration on any server.

A detailed explanation for using this lab for mobile app development and testing is available on the Cius Developer site.

Learn More

Follow this link to request access to the Shared Cius Testing Lab.

Shared Endpoint/Jabber Sandbox

The Shared Endpoint/Jabber Sandbox lab offers a hosted installation of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Presence and Cisco Unity Connection.

Users are able to connect to the servers to run tests such as making calls from the web application. 

This lab may be used for testing the integration of video, voice, IM and Presence and voice mail collaboration capabilities. 

For demonstration purposes, an explanation for the steps required to connect to and test collaboration capabilities for the Video Softphone, and to add IM and Presence capabilities are set out on the Jabber Developer site.

Learn More

Follow the link to request access to the Shared Endpoint/Jabber Sandbox.

Quick links to request Shared Lab Access

Shared Cius Lab

Shared Endpoint/Jabber Lab

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