Next Steps

Requirements for the Preferred Solution Partner Tier

  • One (1) solution must be current Cisco Compatible via Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) or Cisco Validated Design (CVD)
  • Cisco Marketplace solution storefront
  • 24-hour support

Learn more about the program benefits and testing process in the Solution Partner Program Guidelines.

Already a Member of the Solution Partner Program?

Solution Partners: Are you eligible to advance to the Preferred Solution Partner tier?

  1. Check to determine if your Cisco Compatible solution is based on "Current Cisco Technology" via your Partner Dashboard.
  2. Ensure that your solution's support is listed as 24x7.
  3. If your company is eligible to upgrade, you should see the action to “Upgrade to Preferred Solution Partner” unlocked. If the button still remains locked and you recently changed any information on the account, log out and then back in.

Existing Preferred Solution Partners: Are you maintaining your Preferred Solution Partner tier status?

  1. Check to determine if your Cisco Compatible solution is based on "Current Cisco Technology" via your Partner Dashboard
  2. If not, develop a plan for at least one solution to enter the IVT process for certification

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