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The Solution Partner Program provides the tools and resources you need to develop Cisco solutions, address the business needs of your customers, reach new markets, and grow your business. Learn more about the program benefits. Join Now

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

Marketplace Visibility
Generate leads by showcasing your company and products with a customizable presence in the Cisco Marketplace. Promote your company, generate leads, and market your Cisco Compatible solutions with case studies, videos, and more.

Cisco Partner Relationship Logo
Show customers and prospects your Cisco partnership with the relationship logo and Marketplace banners. The logo signifies your partnership level with the Solution Partner Program. Once you join, you can put the power of the Cisco brand to work in your marketing materials.

Partner Marketing Central
Visit this self-service portal to create and manage email campaigns and online events for lead generation. Need extra help? You can also request full-service marketing support.

Invitation to Solution Partner Forum
You'll receive an invitation to the Solution Partner Forum. Meet Cisco leaders and attend presentations designed exclusively for Solution Partner Program members.

Go-to-Market Resource Center
The Go-to-Market (GTM) Resource Center is a step-by-step planning guide to help you develop a complete GTM plan or to augment an existing one. If you need additional help, consultants can provide a customized business plan for an additional fee.

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Technical Support

Technical Support

Case-Based Development Support
You can open up developer and tech support cases and receive the rapid, high-quality support you need from Cisco Support Case Manager (SCM) agents. Severe issues are guaranteed to receive responses within four hours.

Cisco Product Discounts
Purchase not-for-resale (NFR) hardware and software at substantial discounts. Use NFR seed units in your labs and build proof-of-concept demos to support your development, testing, and marketing efforts.

Cisco Compatible Testing Services
Verify the interoperability of your software or hardware solution with Cisco Compatible testing services. Access to verification testing varies by technology with costs ranging from free to fee-based service charges.

Shared and Dedicated
Gain unlimited access to select shared sandbox labs for up to 2 users/devices, or up to 40 hours of select dedicated sandbox labs. Expected availability in January 2015.

Unlimited Access to SDKs, APIs, and Tech Docs

Free Interactive Developer Communities

Community-Based Technical Support

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